The Life Cube Project

Life Cube Project


The Life Cube Project creates exciting installations connecting art and community. Each Life Cube is designed to inspire and impact people's lives by helping them realize their goals, dreams, wishes, and ambitions.


The Life Cube Project is an interactive community art installation, with each version providing an engaging and interactive place for the shared expression of ambitions, dreams, goals and wishes. The first Life Cube was planned in 2010; since then, the concept has evolved to include multiple opportunities for members of a community to express themselves, create, share and show their art. Today, the Cube’s design has grown to 24 feet square in size, with an open architectural plan encouraging a walk-through experience, vibrantly painted with murals and brilliantly lit at night, etched with write-boards in a constantly changing and colorful swirl of shared goals and dreams.

This project encourages participants to look at their past, engage in the present, and set goals for the future. It’s based on the artist’s belief that if you write down what you want to accomplish in life, the chances of attaining it is much, much higher! Each Life Cube incorporates the essence of the community for which it’s designed, with community participation in shared messaging, murals, and collaborative artwork displays, in addition to the gathering of volunteers who come together to bring the Cube from concept to a vibrant, aesthetic and exciting culmination in a dramatic and cathartic fire ceremony at the end of the installation, in which the Cube burns.


The Life Cube Project’s creator, artist Scott Cohen (skeeter) is noted for his imaginative, out of the box approach in creating disruptive innovation. Over the years in many incarnations, he has attracted and built dedicated, motivated teams to execute those visions. At Burning Man, skeeter inspired a growing number of enthusiastic supporters in a collaborative effort, designing and building three successful art installations (2011, ‘12, & ‘13).  skeeter is known for his over-the-top enthusiasm and high energy. Throughout, goal-setting has been an essential part of his personal and professional life. Today, just as he did when he was first starting out, skeeter strongly believes if you write down what you want to accomplish, it is more likely to happen - an ethos that forms the basis for the Life Cube project. Currently, he’s on a mission to adapt this concept for urban public spaces, arts festivals and museums.

The Life Cube Comes to Downtown Las Vegas

Happy to share that we will be creating a Life Cube installation in Downtown Las Vegas in February/March 2014. The success of The Life Cube at Burning Man over the last four years could not have happened without the hundreds of supporters, contributors, volunteers, and an ever-growing community of “Cube-ists”. Creating a Life Cube Project in a major city is a big step and an exciting moment. The location will be part of the Downtown Project Las Vegas in the East Freemont District, and we hope to partner with as many local artists, volunteers, and members of the community as possible. As with each progression of The Life Cube, there’s a plan for a new level of interactivity and engagement, which we are going to incorporate. Stay tuned… more news to come!

Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone

We have been swamped getting things together to create an amazing installation for Downtown Las Vegas this year. But we need you and your skills to help us make the Life Cube truly relate to and reflect the values of this special community in an awesome display of messaging, artwork, light and fire.

Please let us know what specific skills you have. We are going to begin construction in DTLV in January. We can use all the help we can get in construction, carpentry, murals and decorative painting, creating panels for the mosaic wall, decorating columns, lighting, music, media and PR, and many other tasks.

If you are interested, we also need help with pre-construction in Las Vegas Jan 2013, on-site assembly in mid-February.  There is also a need for people to help when we burn on March 21st — it is a huge amount of fun, but also a big responsibility: we need dozens of folks to help with perimeter control during the burn.  And last, but equally important, is clean-up after the project ends, so that we can Leave No Trace.

Feel free to email us directly at, with “Volunteer” in the subject line.

Huge appreciation for your interest,

Scott Cohen,
Artist, The Life Cube Project